Your need for a comprehensive business automation solution for your auto insurance adjustor organization is an excellent match to this new, revolutionary software program. This software program ‘Loss Adjuster Pro’ will automate and simplify the preparation of motor vehicle valuations, damage assessment and supplementary reports. Loss Adjuster Pro is windows based, making it easy and straightforward, allowing you to spend less time on routine preparation tasks and paperwork and more time on productivity. No more looking between paper files or moving between multiple software programs to get the job done. It also organizes and stores your data securely on your computer or network location which can then be backed up and archived periodically. Loss Adjuster Pro is very affordable and will no doubt be an asset to your business.


This software program seeks to accomplish the following:

  • Easily prepare, print and store motor vehicle valuations for your clients with optional front, rear, registration and VIN photo in a secure database.

  • Prepare, print and store motor vehicle damage assessment reports including a flexible point of impact diagram, tabular adjustment details and six large photographs with individual commenting and optional printing.

  • Prepare supplementary assessment reports for previous assessment, with provision for additional photographs and commenting.

  • Review a report onscreen and authorize it using a pre-scanned signature.

  • Import photographs into your reports from common image file formats, scanners, directly from direct access digital cameras or paste from your windows clipboard.  

  • Automatically prepare and print optional contact list and valuation reminder letters for clients whose valuation will expire soon.

  • Prepare invoices to clients for product and services. (basic)

  • Fax or email reports as Adobe Acrobat PDF to insurance companies directly from your program. (now using PDF drivers)

  • Tag each report with important reference fields such as typist, inspector, broker, express service, etc for quick searches and easy querying.

  • Maintain user level access control with password protection.

  • Print personalized stationary including envelops and letterheads.

  • Print inspector/assessor worksheet for valuations and assessments

  • Record and store insurance company information.

  • Record and store insurance broker information.

  • Record and store client information.

  • Record and store supplier information.

  • Recover from data damage with data recovery and re-indexing utility.

  • Backup data with backup utility.

  • Update program with program update utility.

  • Run miscellaneous queries on your reports.

Other program specifications:

  • Loss Adjuster Pro is a network multi-user capable program.

  • Requires little training time for total competence for an average computer user.

  • It was created using fourth level programming language on a 32bit platform and is expected to be fast, accurate and reliable.

System requirements and compatibility:

  • Pentium® III or equivalent microprocessor at 1GHz, Pentium® IV or equivalent microprocessor at 1.6GHz recommended

  • 128MB RAM, 256MB recommended

  • Approximately 35 MB of free hard drive space initially. Data file size increases as you enter data into the program.

  • Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP Home/Professional.

  • Server or Stand/Alone machine should have proper surge protection, UPS and removable backup device and working modem with telephone line attached.





Single Station/Server License: $50,000
Additional Station/Client Licenses: $10,000 each


Lass Adjuster Pro is licensed by the number of computers with the program installed. You are also required to pay a yearly subscription fee.


Prices listed are in Jamaican Dollars.


Download fully functional evaluation here.


Existing users download latest update here.